Rethinking Foreign Aid

As we progress from libertarian or old right points of view many of us wind up advocating for policies that we would never have considered before.    One example is higher minimum wage laws.  Randall Parker has called for higher minimum wages because they would reduce the incentive to hire cheap foreign labor.  Another previously unthinkable position is a massive foreign aid budget.

It is often remarked that the great struggle of our time is nationalism vs. globalism.  A more nuanced view is that we have evolved globalism 3.0 over the last sixty years.  Globalism 1.0 was the Marshall Plan and American hegemony.  Globalism 2.0 was the post Nixon era after the gold standard was removed and Chinese trade was opened.  As the American consumer was finally tapped out Globalism 3.0 evolved; huge numbers of third world consumers were imported into the US and other western countries.

Steve Sailer once remarked that the whole immigration debacle is really about toilet paper in a sense.  Imagine that you are on the board of directors of a company like Georgia Pacific that makes consumer goods.  Every quarter you read reports in which you target 10% revenue growth over last year.  How does a company which manufactures commodities create growth?  Americans will only poop so much and the market for toilet paper is fairly stable.  Under Globalism 2.0 the great dream was to sell American consumer goods overseas in massive quantities.   During the 1980’s corporate leaders dreamed of all the people of India and China becoming American style consumers or debt serfs, but the growth in the international markets proved unsatisfactory.  Once a system has been built upon ever expanding mountains of debt it must continue to expand or die.  Debt fueled growth is the goal of globalist policy instead of concerns about the living standards of people.    The people in the designated shitting streets of India don’t buy enough toilet paper, so we must bring them to the west where they will adopt the consumer lifestyle.

People on the old right often carry on quite a bit about tax policy and moan about costs to the taxpayers.   Under globalism 3.0 taxes don’t matter very much and the inner city dindus of Detroit are a resource.   Money can be created in nearly infinite quantities through deficit spending and is distributed through social programs.   The dindi are the ideal members of society under globalism 3.0 as they spend every dime that they obtain; meanwhile wage inflation is held in check by importing low wage workers.  Asset inflation of stocks and real estate benefits the wealthy while everyone else is slowly impoverished.

An alternative policy would be to buy off the globalists in order to save countries in the west.  Since taxes no longer matter and we can make money out of thin air, consider sending the helicopter money overseas.   Massive spending on underclass ghettos overseas would stimulate consumer demand there instead of here, and give the globalists the revenue growth they so desperately need.    To  LARP a bit we could even pay underclass people in western counties to leave and then continue to give them money after they leave as an incentive to stay away.    Americans have traditionally been opposed to foreign aid spending, but they don’t seem to object to massive welfare spending for foreigners who have stepped foot on American soil.  What’s the difference?   Is it not better to give a trillion dollars to Mexcans in Mexico as an incentive to keep them in Mexico?   The (((globalists)))  certainly don’t care as long as they get their money.

A better policy than massive foreign aid would be a sound money policy and balanced budget.  This would kill globalism, and collapse asset prices.  Make America affordable again!   Even Trump does not have enough guts and charisma to balance the budget, so massive foreign aid, like a twenty dollar minimum wage, becomes an attractive idea in this screwed up inverted world.


Author: reluctantreactionary

I'm interested in saving western civilization... in my spare time.

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